At the beginning of February, three MA1 students travelled to Dundee to join their Scottish peers in lectures and classes and experience the Dundee campus.  Because the programme in Athens is exactly the same as that in Dundee (albeit with smaller classes), they were able to slot into the Dundee timetable and experience the degree in a different setting.
Athina Syrigou, Kate Theodorou and Erini Panayotides, the visiting students also took time to explore Dundee, visiting the local places of interest such as The McManus Galleries, The Dundee Science Centre as well as DUSA (The Dundee University Students’ Union) …and of course the library!  On the final day, accompanied by their Athens based Lecturers,  HYPERLINK «» \o «Erika Cunningham profile» \t «_blank» Erika Cunningham and Elpiniki Fragkouli, they spent time in Blackness Primary School to experience Scottish Education first hand.  They were given a very warm welcome and thoroughly enjoyed the visit.
As we move into the third year, we hope to be able to integrate more trips into the timetable to make the most of the international links across campuses.  In addition to the MA, there is a growing cohort of MEd students who have also expressed an interest in coming to Dundee.
Speaking of their trip, Athina, Kate and Erini said:
«I enjoyed the trip to Dundee a lot! The University was amazing and so were the Scottish people, thank you all for the great hospitality.» 
«It was a very nice trip. Everyone was so nice and the campus was huge. But what I’m really thankfulfor was that thanks to the Dundee trip we got to see that we aren’t alone. Everyone else in our class was going through the same as us!»
«It was a great experience going to Dundee and it’s something that I hope that every student going through the Athens based course will have the opportunity to do at some point. It made everything we learnt and heard about, real. Apart from getting to see the university itself, attending lectures and meeting new people, even just getting a bit of the Scottish culture made all the difference.» 
Elpiniki also spoke of her own experience of the trip as a visiting academic:
«The trip to Dundee offered me, as a new member of HAEd, the opportunity to meet my colleagues face-to-face and discuss the development of the program. We communicate widely through emails and Skype but once you have met the people in person, everything becomes more natural! Looking forward to going back again soon!»